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  Hunan democracy advocate Mr. He Weihua recently wrote an article titled “Heaven Eliminates the CCP” Slogans Appear Everywhere; Officials Are Running from Calamity. In the article he mentions that many “Quit the CCP” slogans can be seen at major streets and small alleys. He says that people are already disgusted with the CCP's corruption and lawless acts, and that “Heaven Eliminates the CCP” is an unstoppable trend that reflects people's desires.   The Epoch Times interviewed Mr. He Weihua from Hunan Province.   He Weihua said: “I often see the slogans outside at public places, in residential areas, on electric poles and store doors, at major streets and small alleys and stairways on each floor. Once someone left the Nine Commentaries booklet at my door.   He Weihua expressed that he has been very angry about being monitored for a long time by the authorities and he is inspired when he sees those slogans. He took pictures of them—some posters are pasted at farmers' markets and many people can see them. When he was taking pictures, people were curious and smiled.   Regarding the huge wave of 20 million Chinese people who have quit the CCP, He Weihua said it reflects people's desires and is an unstoppable trend.   He said that everyone wants to withdraw from the CCP.hot88电竞 But some people fear that quitting publicly could cause them to lose their job, social status and the benefits they receive. Now joining the Party is connected to economic interests. Once one joins the Party, one will have power and economic gain; this Party has become a Party for people gaining benefits.   He Weihua said that there are many unemployed and laid-off workers; they only receive about ¥100 (US$ 12) a month of relief money. The CCP doesn't care about them and they have no future, which is why they are so willing to withdraw from the Party.   People are all quite disgusted with the CCP's corruption, lawlessness, and inhumanity. Moreover, the CCP doesn't care about the common people. Underneath the prosperity reported by media are angers from the people, as many of them have no homes, no jobs, and no guarantee of the next meal.   He Wehua writes in his article: “Be observant …slogans are spreading over the hills and dales. They appear in large numbers covering all areas, like commercials that blot out the sky and cover up the earth, omitting nowhere.”   He said that he has seen a hidden strength in people putting the slogans so widely.   “It is a kind of pure power. You won't know it if you don't see it yourself. The world of the CCP appears to be quiet with nothing happening, but banners of 'Heaven Eliminates the CCP' appear everywhere, which is a reflection of people's feelings. With strong power of the public, it [CCP] will collapse finally.”   He Weihua, male, is a sympathizer and activist of the 1989 democracy movement. He has been severely suppressed since then. In 1998, he stopped his ten years of research work and started writing under tyranny.